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Build Instructions
Using w/ Vixen Lights


$75 Kit

$95 Assembled and Tested

Sorry, we are no longer making the TeensyLights board due to the availablilty and price changes of a few components. SolsticeWerks is currently designing a replacement, but it is not yet available. These pages have been left for reference.

Discount available for 10 or more

TeensyLights16 Kit

Control up to 16 channels of Christmas Lights per board with the simplicity of a USB connection.

The TeensyLights16 controller will control 16 channels of lights (or any other non-inductive load 120 VAC at up to 2 amps per channel [can be upgraded to 4 amps per channel with the addition of heatsinks] with a maximum of 20 amps per board).

It utilizes the Teensy 2.0 USB based microcontroller board from PJRC, which can be programmed using the USB mini-B connection. The Teensy also has an add-on for the Arduino programming environment allowing you to run Arduino sketches.

It can be expaned to more channels by simply pluging in more TeensyLights16 boards into a computer or USB hub. Longer distances than USB is capable of can accomplished by using RS485 directly supported onboard. Multiple boards can be daisy-chained as well. All USB serial communication is preformed at 12 Mbit/sec native USB speed.